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Only one view from you...
... make me feel happy.Only one view from you let me smile.As I saw you walking down the street my breath stopped and I thought "WOW what a boy".Every day I talk so much, maybe too much but this day I can't talk anymore.I watched the stars while you sat next to me.It was a feeling I can't describe...maybe it was a bit awkward  (peinlich) to look in your eyes.We walked on and meet my friend, we went in the car but I was so worried because I thought that you wanted that my friend should sat by your side.As we were only 3 in the car my friend said that i should sit at the front passengers seat but I won't, because I would stay by your side.As I touched your hand just for a second it was a moment of luck.I was perfectly happy but then I thought , if you think so too.It's not love I'm sure but it's a beautiful feeling to know that there is someone like you.Only one view from you could let me fly.But this text sounds like i love you, but it isn't so.One day I dream of you the next day I feel blue and alone but please believe me when i say I don’t love you.After you left this night my parents make me AGGRO xD lol but then i went in my bed and watched your photo.I talked to your picture an dthis isn’t a joke.I said you ( to your picture) “goodnight and sleep well” then i took my large pillow and close my eyes.After a while I dreamed that i was lieing in your arms and I felt that i was smiling while i slept.It sounds crazy but that’s the real life But remember life isn’t just a mix of happiness, friends and love.There were also bad things that broke my heart but it doesn’t matter.I hope you know how I mean everything I wrote in this  text.Only one view from you let me fly high but also fall so deep..


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14.10.06 11:16

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